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The AIDS Uncanny

PR No. 2.04 "The AIDS Uncanny"
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PR No. 2.04.001
Release Date: February 1, 2006

Artist: Various
Title: A Silence Broken
Series: The AIDS Uncanny

Whither queer politics? The right-wing sharpens its teeth on eviscerating AIDS-funding. The federal government conspires to constitutionally disenfranchise queers. What does it mean to claim victory at a moment when what was thought surmounted makes a farcical return? Queer electronica artists Lezzies On X (Canada), Soft Pink Truth (US), Terre Thaemlitz (Japan) and others remix Ultra-red's "Death."

01.  Hush Now (DJ Sprinkles' Broken Record Mix). By Terre Thaemlitz
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-01.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 17,750K

02.  How to Explain Silence to a Dead Hare. By PSBeuys
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-02.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 11,165K

03.  Death Rainbow #1. By Miau Miau TM.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-03.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 8,185K

04.  The Boy Who Cried Silence Equals Death. By Soft Pink Truth.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-04.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 8,685K

05.  Can't Fake The Feeling (Bland Fury Mix). By Jack Tactic.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-05.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 8,570K

06.  Dont_withthe.aiff. By Lezzies on X.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-06.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 6,836K

07.  Repetition Compulsion (SED_v5a). By Death Drive.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-07.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 7,718K

08.  Break 'Dis (D2K/A15). By Ultra-red.
Item: Audio File 2-04-001-08.mp3
Format: MP3 224kbit/sec
Size: 11,023K

Item: CD Insert (Part 1) 2-04-001.jpg
Format: JPEG (RGB full-color)
Size: 3,602K
Description: High-resolution image for full-color printing.

Item: CD Insert (Part 2) 2-04-001.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 384K
Description: Two page document of annotations and contributor comments.

 Press Release
Item: Press Release 2-04-001PR.DOC
Format: DOC (Microsoft Word File)
Size: 29K
Description: "A Silence Broken" press release. February 1, 2006.

INSTRUCTIONS: In order to create your own copy of this release, download the files above to your local hard drive. You can then create a CDR of the audio files, and print the graphics file to make your own CD cover art. For best playback results, when burning a CDR of this album eliminate the spaces between tracks by setting the default pause between tracks to zero (0) seconds.

NOTE: If the files are opening within your web browser, save them to your local hard drive by placing your cursor over the link or opened file, click-and-hold until a pop-up menu appears, and select the option "Save file as..."


 The Advocate
Item: Review 2-04-001advocate.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 108K
Description: "A Silence Broken" review by Kurt B. Reighley in The Advocate (US). March 28 2006.

Item: Review 2-04-001fab.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 308K
Description: "A Silence Broken" review by Daniel Paquette in Fab (Canada). Issue 287, 2006.

 The Wire
Item: Review 2-04-001wire.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 348K
Description: "A Silence Broken" review by Ken Hollings in The Wire (UK). Issue 266, April 2006.

Item: Review 2-04-001xlr8r.pdf
Format: PDF
Size: 508K
Description: "A Silence Broken" review by Ken Taylor in XLR8R (US). Issue 97, May 2006.

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